Announcing Our New "Platinum" Service Level

As most Webinar Hosts who use our site know, we currently have 2 service levels: Free and Featured.  Beginning today, we are launching a higher premium service level called Platinum, which includes all the support you get with a Featured Webinar, in addition to the following:
  • Exclusive solo newsletter to the WebinarListings email list 2 weeks prior to your webinar*
  • Advertisement in newsletter 1 week prior to your webinar
  • 125x125 ad for the webinar for 1 month prior to the webinar*
  • Block on homepage promoting your webinar (2 weeks)
  • 5 additional tweets
  • 1 additional Facebook post
  • Manually post in 5 related LinkedIn groups
  • Manager’s Choice discussion in WebinarListings LinkedIn group
* Webinar Host provides copy and creative The most common reason Webinar Hosts put on webinars, is to generate new leads for their products and services.  This upgraded service level will allow you to reach more potential leads. The value of the above services is $950, but the price for the Platinum service is only $250. [adsense]   To purchase a Platinum Webinar, add your webinar, and in the comments box, type in Platinum Webinar, and we'll send you a request for payment through PayPal, and will be in touch to discuss details.  Contact Us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you on the new service!  
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