Recorded Webinars - A great way to make your asset last!

In this time of cost cutting and making every dollar work harder, recording your webinar and posting it to great way to keep your customers informed and coming back to your site.

Webinar Attendees

Live webinars are great, as you get the ability to interact with the hosts. But, what if you need the content now? Or you want to watch it on your own schedule?  You can either visit our Recorded Webinars Library to find just recordings, or our Search page, so you can decide if Live or Recorded best fits your needs.  Recorded webinars are designated with this icon throughout the site: recorded webinar Many webinars will be added to the library this week due to a promotion we're running.  And, after that, the calendar will be filling up on a regular basis, so check back then!

Webinar Hosts

Spreading the word about your recorded webinars is a great way to repurpose the content that you've worked so hard to develop! It's already created, you might as well get the word out there, right? Add your recorded or on-demand webinars to our calendar by going to the Add Webinar page, and selecting Pre-recorded webinars.  The price for one year is $30-40, depending on the option you choose.   There are 3 options available for your recorded webinars:
  1. Embedded video - so participants just stay on WebinarListings, and view the webinar from here
  2. Link to the webinar on your site
  3. Upload to myBrainshark - If you are looking to charge viewers for your webinar, than this is your best option.  WebinarListings will upload your recorded webinar on myBrainshark, and add 2-required slides in front of your webinar. You choose the pricing for viewers, and any revenue made on your webinar will automatically be split 70/30 between your company and WebinarListings (we take 30%), after myBrainshark's fee of 25%.  You can also get view statistics on the webinar.  Here's an example of a myBrainshark recording.
  All on-demand webinars will be available on the Recorded Webinar Library, and in the Search page, and designated by the special icon: recorded webinar. What do you think?  Any feedback on this new feature?  Please let us know in the comments below or on our Contact page.
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