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So, you’re considering listing your Webinar on WebinarListings.com? Good choice! This is one of the only centralized sites to help publicize your Webinar and reach a targeted audience interested in learning from you.  We have both Live and Recorded (on-demand) Webinars on our site.

Live Webinars

You have 3 choices for listing your Live Webinar: Basic Free Webinar (free!), Basic vs Premium Webinar promotion Featured Webinar ($30/Webinar or other pricing options), monthly pricing, or revenue share) or Platinum Webinar.  If you are concerned about the pricing, take a look at our case studies to help make the decision! Basic Live Free Webinar With a Basic free webinar listing, your Webinar appears on our Calendar and is searchable in oursearch feature. You can upload a photo to promote your Webinar, provide a link for participants to register, categorize your Webinar based on its subject matter, and give participants the opportunity to share your Webinar with their friends. Add Webinar [adsense] Featured Live Webinar With a Premium Listing, you get all the benefits of a Basic Free Webinar Listing but with an increased level of promotion. For $30 per Webinar (see pricing page for monthly and pay-per-lead pricing), you get the following:
  • Website — Your Webinar will additionally appear in the following areas of the site:
    • Listed in sidebar (5 upcoming Webinars)
    • Denoted as “Featured” in all areas of site
    • Display at the top section of search results
  • Facebook – We will post your Webinar on our Facebook fan page 2-3 days before your Webinar. Our Facebook updates are done manually, so they occur at times when people are online!
  • Twitter — We will tweet about your Webinar twice from @WebinarListings:
    • When listed (within 5 days, if we have a lot of new listings at once)
    • Day before your Webinar
    • Our Twitter updates are done manually, so they occur at times when people are online!
  • Email — Each Monday morning, we send an email to our registered users. Here’s an example of arecent newsletter.  Your Webinar will be listed 3 times:
    • Newly Listed section
    • Next Week section
    • This week section
    • (Note: If Webinar is submitted fewer than 3 weeks before Webinar, it will appear in fewer emails; And, the deadline for getting into the Monday newsletter, is Noon ET on Saturday!)
    • Your logo will also be added to the sidebar
  • RSS – An RSS entry will be generated for each Featured Webinar
  • Your webinar will be added to Delicious and StumbleUpon for more visibility
  • Link to your website – Your company will be listed in the Featured Webinar Hosts on the main website
  • Data – Within one week of your Webinar running, we will send you statistics on the number of views, clicks and calendar downloads your Webinar got.  Here’s an example of the Webinar Report.
Add Webinar [adsense] Platinum Live Webinar For $250/webinar, our Platinum Webinar service includes all the support you get with a Featured Webinar, in addition to the following:
  • Exclusive solo newsletter to the WebinarListings email list 2 weeks prior to your webinar*
  • Advertisement in newsletter 1 week prior to your webinar
  • 125x125 ad for the webinar for 1 month prior to the webinar*
  • Block on homepage promoting your webinar
  • 5 additional tweets
  • 1 additional Facebook post
  • Manually post in 5 related LinkedIn groups
  • Manager’s Choice discussion in WebinarListings LinkedIn group
* Webinar Host provides copy and creative The most common reason Webinar Hosts put on webinars, is to generate new leads for their products and services.  This upgraded service level will allow you to reach more potential leads. The value of the above services is $950, but the price for the Platinum service is only $250. To purchase a Platinum Webinar, add your webinar, and in the comments box, type in Platinum Webinar, and we'll send you a request for payment through PayPal, and will be in touch to discuss details.  Contact Us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you on the new service!

Add Webinar



Spreading the word about your recorded webinars is a great way to repurpose the content that you’ve worked so hard to develop! It’s already created, you might as well get the word out there, right? Add your recorded webinars to our calendar by going to the Add Webinar page, and selecting Pre-recorded webinars.  The price for one year is $30-40, depending on the option you choose, so see our pricing page for more information.  There are 3 options available for your recorded webinars:
  1. Embedded video – so participants just stay on WebinarListings, and view the webinar from here
  2. Link to the webinar on your site
  3. Upload to myBrainshark – If you are looking to charge viewers for your webinar, than this is your best option.  WebinarListings will upload your recorded webinar on myBrainshark, and add 2-required slides in front of your webinar. You choose the pricing for viewers, and any revenue made on your webinar will automatically be split 70/30 between your company and WebinarListings (we take 30%).  You can also get view statistics on the webinar.  Here’s an example of a myBrainshark recording.
All on-demand webinars will be available on the Recorded Webinar Library, and in the Search page, and designated by the special icon: recorded webinar.  When they are posted, we provide the following support: 2 tweets, 1 Facebook update, and inclusion in our newsletter until it is no longer one of the most recently added webinars. MORE INFORMATION I need help submitting my Webinar!
  • Adding a photo – Click the image button to add a photo to your listing.  The image must already be hosted on the internet somewhere to use this feature. Or, please email us the photo, referencing your Webinar, and we’ll add it for you!
adding photo   I have a lot of Webinars to submit! You can create a Webinar series or do a batch upload.   Tracking Your Traffic As with any marketing activities you do, tracking your results is important.  It would be a great idea to add WebinarListings.com to your “How did you hear about this Webinar” question on your registration form and/or use a source code on your registration link so you can track activity from my site through your registration process.  That way you’ll know how much impact your listing here has made.  You can also add a tracking code to your link so you can see that the clicks came from WebinarListings.   Questions? Check our FAQ for Hosts to see if it has been covered, or contact us! Add Webinar  
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