Webinar Software Companies

There are so many companies out there that have software available for you to present your webinars and teleseminars. The three largest are GoToWebinar, WebEx and Adobe Connect, and one company that is worth noting as it has some interesting archiving features, is omNovia.  In a future blog post, we will review many of these applications, but for now, here's the list of all the companies we are aware of!
  • Accela Communications
  • AccuConference
  • Accutel
  • Adobe Acrobat Connect (see our detailed Software Review)
  • AnyMeeting (free) (formerly Freebinar) (see our detailed Software Review)
  • AVT Connect
  • BeaconLive (see our detailed Software Review)
  • Blue Sky Broadcast
  • Bulldog Solutions
  • Brainshark
  • BrightTALK
  • The Conference Group
  • ConferencePlus (see our detailed Software Review)
  • ConferTel
  • ConnectSolutions
  • Copper Conferencing
  • Dimdim (no longer in business)
  • Elluminate
  • FuzeMeeting (see our detailed Software Review)
  • GatherPlace (see our detailed Software Review)
  • GoToWebinar (see our detailed Software Review)
  • GroupBoard
  • HighRoad Solution
  • IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte
  • iLinc Communications (see our detailed Software Review)
  • Infinite Conferencing (see our detailed Software Review)
  • Instant Presenter (see our detailed Software Review)
  • [adsense]
  • Intercall
  • iVocalize
  • Join.me (screenshare) (free)
  • Join2Webinar
  • KRM Information Services
  • Linktivity
  • Live Conference PRO
  • MediaPlatform
  • MeetingBridge
  • MeetingBurner (see our detailed Software Review)
  • MeetingOne
  • MegaMeeting
  • Microsoft Live Meeting (see our detailed Software Review)
  • My WebEvent
  • Netbriefings
  • Netviewer
  • omNovia (see our detailed Software Review)
  • On24 (see our detailed Software Review)
  • One Touch Webinars
  • OnStream Media
  • OnSync
  • PowWowNow (screenshare) (free)
  • Presentall
  • PresenterNet
  • ReadyTalk (see our detailed Software Review)
  • Synergy Room
  • Syntela
  • TalkFusion
  • TalkPoint (see our detailed Software Review)
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Ubivent
  • Vcall
  • VideoSeminarLive
  • Voxwire
  • WebcastGroup
  • Webdialogs
  • WebEx (see our detailed Software Review)
  • WebMeetLive
  • VideoSeminarLive
  • Yugma (see our detailed Software Review)
  • Have we missed any companies you are aware of?
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