How Old is Too Old to Practice Medicine? Credentialing Aging Physicians

Date Sep 4, 2019
Time 1:00pm EDT
Cost $199.00
Practicing medicine is not like other jobs that have a tradition of retirement at age 65. Physician shortages fuel support for physicians seeking to continue their careers indefinitely. Patient safety is paramount, but is it served by applying age restrictions on medical staff membership and clinical privileges?
If so, what is the magic number?
  • Can medical staffs and hospitals place restrictions on physicians based on age?
  • Should hospitals and medical staffs decide a retirement age for medical staff membership?
  • Can physicians sue, alleging discrimination and civil rights violations?
Attend the webinar to get answers to many such vital questions.
  • Age restrictions on medical staff membership and clinical privileges
  • State laws affecting physician age restrictions
  • Federal laws affecting physician age restrictions
  • Accreditation requirements related to age-based credentialing
  • Implementation of age-based screening
  • Eligibility for peer review protection
Age discrimination must be avoided while patient safety must be protected. Physicians are human but all humans do not cease to be functional at the same or any particular age. Credentialing processes must integrate age as part of competency assessment and need to better analyze the retirement age for medical staff membership.
  • Medical Staff President/Chief of Staff
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Credentialing Committee
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Vice President of Medical Affairs
  • Chief of Staff
  • Director of Medical Staff
  • Medical Staff Attorney
  • Hospital Counsel
  • Medical Staff Manager
  • Credentialing Specialist
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Medical billing
  • Underwriter
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