Where Media Literacy Meets Sustainability Education.

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Apr 22, 2014
Time 4:00 pm EDT
Cost Free
This interactive webinar will debut a brief demonstration video of Chris Sperry, Project Look Sharp's Director of Curriculum and Staff Development, as he leads a class through constructivist media decoding of a sustainability education lesson. Sox Sperry, Project Look Sharp's primary curriculum writer, will lead a visual tour of our six curriculum kits that are directly related to Earth Day topics: chemicals in the environment, endangered species, resource depletion, global warming and sustainability in food, water and agriculture. All of these kits are available free and online at http://www.ithaca.edu/looksharp/. Sox will also demonstrate how to search the Look Sharp site for keywords, themes and common core standard alignments.

The webinar will offer educators and teachers-in-training pedagogical techniques and curriculum materials to support constructivist media decoding to help students engage in critical thinking about the complex environmental, economic and social systems that underlie sustainability .


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