The Simplified and efficient HEVC encoder solution

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 14, 2014
Time 5:00 PM GMT
Cost Free
HEVC is the latest video compression standard, with double the coding efficiency as compared to its predecessor ,H.264/AVC. This additional compression comes at a huge cost of computing power. Currently, the HEVC encoder requires 10x computing power to create a sequence with half the bit-rate, at the same picture quality as H.264. This computational complexity is well demonstrated when HEVC reference software HM13.0 is used for encoding.In this webinar, we would like to present a simplified HEVC encoder solution with minor trade-offs in coding efficiency. Our encoder is a complete software solution with efficient & simpler algorithms. It supports all features as in the reference, and is developed in modules to ease its porting to any platform. In the course of the webinar; we present the comparison in execution time and video quality between the HM13.0 reference and our implementation.


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