ATC Radar Approach Control (TRACON) - Webinar By Compliance4all

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jun 10, 2014
Time 10:00 am PST
Cost $129.00
Many people believe that communications, navigation, surveillance, and automation technologies are the elements of the complete ATC system when, in fact, they are simply the enabling technologies that allow the air traffic control function to perform efficiently and safely.

Why should you Attend:
If you are a technical or management person involved in developing new and/or advanced ATC technologies involving TRACON operations, it is vital that you understand the fundamental ATC operational procedures currently applied in the TRACON airspace and environment. Without such a personal understanding, it is much more difficult to develop the successful and implementable new ideas and/or technologies that will advance TRACON operational efficiency and safety. 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Core TRACON operational concepts
  • Standard and adapted airspace structures
  • Internal airspace sectorization
  • Standard Departure and Arrival ATC procedures
  • Examples of TRACON operations

Who Will Benefit:
  • Engineers and other developers of ATC technologies and systems
  • Managers and other aviation strategic planners
  • Government and industry aviation executives
  • Pilots
  • Aviation enthusiasts
Speaker Profile: Stephen Alvania has 30 years of experience with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. He is Certified air traffic controller at an airport traffic control tower, a radar approach control, and an enroute ATC center, Led the development and deployment of the national traffic flow management system. 
He has worked as Technical research program manager for multiple advanced ATC capabilities and he is FAA HQ ATC procedures specialist. 

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