Webinar On HIPAA Security & Privacy Risk Analysis

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Date Jul 29, 2014
Time 13:00 pm
Cost $189.00
HIPAA and other forms of privacy and security investigations, enforcement and audits are at an all-time high. Being proactive with privacy and security compliance, especially in the areas of security and privacy risk analysis will reduce risks of penalties, lawsuits and other unwanted effects from violations. This presentation offers strategies and information that will assist any organization in planning and performing security and privacy risk analysis.
HIPAA has undergone rule changes and increased enforcement and other parties are also upping the ante on enforcement and therefore increasing the liability to providers of care, other Covered Entities (CE), Business Associates (BA) and Subcontractors. HIPAA Compliance Programs face a fundamental challenge in assessing and ensuring that they are meeting both the security as well as the privacy rules. Participation in the ONC – CMS Meaningful Use Program requires a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis each year of the program and the HIPAA rules them elves de facto mandate the performance of audits, assessment or analysis of your organization in relation to the rules.
HIPAA and the Meaningful Use incentive program requires security and privacy risk analysis be performed on a routine basis and recommends they be made a part of a ‘Culture of Compliance’ which defines the organization’s compliance program. Both the Security Risk Analysis (SRA) and Privacy Risk Analysis (PRA) are detailed and complex undertakings. But there are methodologies, frameworks and other tools available in the marketplace to assist in performing these analyses. This presentation will provide a relatively simple methodology and strategies for performing and documenting these crucial tasks. The presentation will also illustrate that organizational liability for HIPAA, ads well as other enforcement agencies will be impacted by performing these analyses as proscribed.

Areas Covered in the Session :
Increasing Risks for Privacy and Security Non-compliance
OCR Audits
Requirements for HIPAA Risk Analysis
Security Risk Analysis
Privacy Risk Analysis
Actions to Reduce Liabilities & Risks

Who Will Benefit:
This webinar is a must for any healthcare providers and vendors in the healthcare market space that manage or are exposed to patient identifiable PHI (protected Health Information). Insurance companies, Pharma, Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes, Hospitals, Physicians Practices, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and Other forms of ambulatory care providers, Business Associates (vendors who do work for and manage patient information for the providers of care. Professionals who would immensely benefit from this webinar are:
Privacy Office
Security Officer
Office Manager
Practice Manager
HIM Director
Compliance Officer
Privacy staff
Security staff
IT Director
IT Manager
Other IT staff
Foundation Manager
All other healthcare parties that need to be updated on HIPAA, privacy and security
Anyone performing security and/or privacy risk analysis, assessment or audits.


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