How Cloud Can Transform Your Start-up

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Date Apr 8, 2015
Time 11:00 am PST
Cost Free
Many startups struggle in their initial days, the common problems faced are related to infrastructure, technology, and finances. It’s like carrying a huge and heavy backpack uphill to win the race or to make a mark in the industry. How about loosening those straps and removing the unwanted clutter and racing straight to the finish line? Cloud technology has proven in the past that it is the right lever which reduces the effort in the above mentioned goals.
Some of the objectives that cloud technology could help achieve are:
  • Speed up development cycles
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Swiftly scale-up with enhanced agility
  • Increase productivity
A report by Forbes states that by the end of 2015, organizations would have spent more than $180 billion on cloud services. Startups wouldn’t want to miss on the bus to leverage the maximum business advantages that cloud computing technologies can offer. Cloud adopted strategies will surely enable a startup to innovate and develop in an efficient manner.
Join us for this engaging webinar on “How Cloud Can Help Transform Your Start-up“ on April 8. The attendees would gain insights on the various avenues cloud computing can empower a startup and how one can evaluate their readiness for implementing cloud computing strategies.
The Webinar Key Takeaways :
  • Cloud computing – present insights and future trends
  • How cloud computing boosts the success factors of a startup
  • Defining decision making framework to evaluate cloud-readiness of your application
  • Guidelines and best practices for developing a Cloud Application


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