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Date Apr 9, 2015
Time 10:00 AM PDT
Cost $145.00
In 2011, an Atlanta association with roughly fifteen active members, decided to increase membership through live webcasting. Within two years of starting to live webcast its presentations during the meetings, the association grew to more than 200 members. Those members are also paying twice as much in annual dues. The live streaming service never costs the association a penny. Sponsors pay for the cost.
Members of that association "join the meeting live" no matter what part of the country they are in. They watch and listen to presentations that give them continuing education credits. They ask questions via a chat room, and when the meeting is over, they can go back and review the presentations. 

It's one of many success stories involving live webcasting. Another national association produces its award's ceremony ahead of time, and then they present the video "live" during a national meeting. The nominees hold watch parties and hope to see their names called when the national winner is announced. They get lots of feedback from Twitter followers who congratulate them and send out "the news."

During the 1980's when live broadcasting during the news became popular, researchers found that when viewers saw the word "live", they didn't flip the channel. They were more engaged, more excited. So, many news channels began going "live" just for the sake of it. It may have been kind of a "gimmick" at the time, but it really shows how much people enjoy the chance to watch something live as opposed to "taped".

Live webcasting is opening new worlds for that same suspense and drama news channels discovered in the 80's, but now, through social media, the interaction with the presenter and the audience, is taking the concept of "live" to new levels. 

Why should you attend: Are your competitors already using live webcasting for training, sales presentations and employee incentive programs. Don't be left behind. Live webcasting is THE best way to communicate when you can't be face to face. If you aren't learning about live webcasting now and at least exploring your options, you may be falling behind.

This webinar will give you the information you need to assess various programs, learn about the cost, and get a plan in place. Live webcasting allows your content to be shared as it happens, and you can bring in social media so that participants can truly interact. After the live broadcast, you can also have a video file ready immediately so that participants can go back and review the presentation or information.

From youtube.com to a Tri-Caster, there are many options for live streaming. Learn about the pros and cons of various services. You'll also learn about ways other companies, associations, and organizations are using live webcasting to increase sales, grow memberships, and train employees all over the world.

This webinar will focus more on the uses of live webcasting than all the technical aspects of how it works. In the most basic of live webcasting programs, one can use a webcam and broadcast from their computer.

In a more sophisticated platform, one can five two to five cameras, switch from each camera, bring in graphics, videos, advertisements, Skype, and much more. 

From your next employee awards ceremony to an upcoming training demonstration, you will find constant uses to bring your associates or customers together through live webcasting. 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • What is live webcasting?
  • How can companies use live webcasting?
  • How can companies and organizations benefit from live webcasting?
  • How much does live webcasting cost?
  • Examples of organizations using live webcasting
  • How do live webcasting systems work?
  • How can companies get started with live webcasting?
  • What are the differences in live webcasting and a webinar?
  • How is live webcasting different from watching a taped video?
  • Creating a plan, setting goals, budgeting, and resources

Who Will Benefit:
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Association Marketing and Development Officers
  • Vice Presidents of Marketing
  • Event Professionals
  • Human Resources Directors
  • Website Professionals
  • Social Media Professionals
Donna Davis has twenty years of news reporting experience. She now uses her real world experience of telling stories everyday on the news to help companies of all sizes learn to tell their stories. She owns her own marketing company in Atlanta, Georgia. She also founded a professional association of video production companies. 

Ms. Davis has worked with clients as large as The Home Depot and Hooters of North America and as small as local doctors and dentists. She believes no matter the size or structure of the company, the basics of telling the story are the same. "Be authentic, admit to your struggles and show your resiliency. Reveal your heart and what really drives you and always answer the question why. Anyone who does business with you or considers coming to work for you deserves to know what they're getting. When you're authentic, you attract the people who'll like you and want to stay." 

Ms. Davis owns Marietta Video Productions. She also founded the Atlanta Internet Video Marketing Association, which has 315 members. She writes for the nation's largest video marketing blog, ReelSeo.com. Before starting her company, Ms. Davis most recently worked at Capitol News Service in Tallahassee, Florida. She was also the main anchor at Florida’s News Channel where she won The Governor’s Award in 2002 for producing a drug education video shown in schools across America. 

Ms. Davis served as a Big Sister in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization, and she's served as a board member for the organization.


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