Boost Admissions & Improve Alumni Interaction with Salesforce Community Cloud

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 6, 2015
Time 10.30 AM EDT
Cost Free
Today, due to the rapid growth of mobile technologies and social media, students and alumni are connected in an unprecedented manner, and building relationships is all about building connections. However, many institutions still struggle to capitalize on these connections because oftentimes their interactions with students, alumni, and faculty across departments and systems are fragmented.
With Salesforce Community Cloud, teachers/counselors can now directly interact with students and other community members, view information and reviews about training and other services and also chat with your CSRs that will help them make better but quicker decisions about which training or service to choose. This platform provides enough flexibility to streamline the features available and information displayed to different user groups, thereby helping in targeting the right information.
In this webinar, learn how Salesforce community cloud makes a world of difference to your admission process and alumni interaction. Join us for the webinar and watch a demo of the Salesforce Community cloud and see firsthand how it works with a use case.

1. Understanding the pain points of Training and Educational Institutes
2. How powerful is Salesforce CRM and Communities?
3. List of few amazing features that can be implemented
4. Demo
5. Summary


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