Classroom Training: An Introduction to Composites for Commercial Staff

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Date Oct 14, 2015
Time 09:30 GMT+1
Cost £234+ VAT
Classroom Training: An Introduction to Composites for Commercial Staff

This one-day course has been specifically designed for people working for composites companies in sales, marketing, quality and production roles who need to be conversant with the terminology but who haven’t been formally trained in composites before. You will learn about composite materials, material properties and processes, what can and cannot be done with them and what applications are appropriate.

What is a Composite Material?
  • What is meant by the term “composite material”.
  • What a composite material is made from.
  • How a composite material works.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of composite materials.
Polymer Matrix Composites
  • Defines what polymers are.
  • Why polymers are different from other materials.
  • The differences between thermoplastics and thermosets.
  • Which types of thermoset matrices are commonly used and how they perform.
  • Which types of thermoplastic matrices are commonly used and how they perform.
Composite Reinforcements & Additives
  • Which types of reinforcement are commonly used and how do they perform.
  • What is a self-reinforced polymer.
  • Which other reinforcements and additives you might encounter.
Intermediate Materials
  • What is meant by an intermediate material.
  • The different forms of intermediate materials.
  • How intermediate materials are produced.
Composite Material Processing
  • What goes into a composite material
  • The various manufacturing processes which exist
  • How to select the best method
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the various manufacturing routes
Applications of Composites
  • Describes the strengths and weaknesses of composite materials.
  • Covers some of the design considerations with composite materials.
  • Key applications of composite materials.
  • Why are composite materials are used instead of other materials.
Composite Material Failure
  • Discusses the mechanical failure of composites.
  • Explains environmental degradation – fire, smoke, and toxicity.
  • Non-destructive examination (NDE).
  • Repair of composite material.


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