Webinar on Leveraging Linked Workbooks in Excel

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Mar 4, 2016
Time 10:00 am
Cost $150.00
Many Excel users have a love-hate relationship with workbook links. For the uninitiated, workbook links allow you to connect one Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to other spreadsheets, Word documents, databases, and even web pages.
In this presentation Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA discusses the pros and cons of workbook links, and walks you through the nuances of creating workbook links. David will also show how to dramatically improve the integrity of linked workbooks by using Microsoft Query instead of traditional cell-based links. 

David will teach from primarily from Excel 2010, will discuss new features in Excel 2013 when applicable, as well as differences in Excel 2007. Discussion of Excel 2003 will be limited to questions from the audience. David's fast-paced teaching style covers a lot of ground, so even long-time Excel users are certain to learn something new. 

Why should you Attend:
  • Control whether linked workbooks update automatically or not, and suppress unwanted prompts.
  • Discover a free tool that you can use to locate even the most buried workbook links.
  • Eliminate the risk of workbook links by using Microsoft Query to get data into one workbook from another.
  • Integrate data on web pages into your workbooks, and create automatic links.
  • Learn how to break links to other workbooks and data sources.
  • Learn how to repair broken workbook links.
  • Learn the most efficient way to link Word documents and Excel spreadsheets
  • Learn the risks of linked workbooks, determine if a workbook contains links, and see how links can hide within Excel features.
  • Understand how to create and identify workbook links.
  • Use features within Excel to locate workbook links.
Areas Covered in the Session:Who Will Benefit:
  • CFOs, Controllers
  • Investment Analysts, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts
  • Forecasting & Planning, M&A Specialists (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Risk Managers, Strategic Planners, Capital Expenditure Planners
  • Cost Accountants, Managerial Accounts
Speaker Profile:
David Ringstrom is a CPA and owner of Accounting Advisors, Inc., an Atlanta-based spreadsheet consulting firm that he started in 1991. David speaks at conferences and presents webinars to thousands of attendees annually on Excel and other topics. He has written hundreds of freelance articles on spreadsheets, some of which have been published internationally. David's catch phrase is "Either you work Excel or it works you." His goal is to make you a smarter and more effective spreadsheet user.

Contact Detail:

NetZealous - Compliance4All,
161 Mission Falls Lane, Suite 216,
Fremont, CA 94539, USA.
Phone: +1-800-447-9407
Email: support@compliance4All.com
Event Link : http://bit.ly/Leveraging_Linked_Workbooks_in_Excel


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