Webinar on Pre-Control: Easier than SPC

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Date Apr 29, 2016
Time 10:00 am
Cost $150.00
Pre-Control is easier than SPC! With no control limits to calculate and go/no go colored zones, this control tool can rapidly help to reduce process variation. Participants will observe a modeled session that both develops and runs a Pre-Control chart.
Case study results will be shared. Participants will walk away with practical knowledge that they can immediately apply
  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA): High level overview of MSA will be conducted to help participants understand the necessity of an effective measuring system in advance to implementing Pre-Control
  • Cpk Overview: High level Cpk overview will be conducted to help participants understand baseline capability in advance of implementing pre-control
  • Normal Distribution: High level overview of how the normal distribution's cumulative distribution function is used to estimate and establish the zones on a Pre-Control Chart
  • Pre-Control Chart: Participants will see the application of the concepts above along with the development of a mock Pre-Control Chart where the process will be “run” based upon the “go/no go” zones that are established.
Why should you Attend: 

Formal SPC requires the calculation of limits and constant assessment for control. If a business is not yet “on-line” electronically with their charts, SPC charts can be difficult to efficiently execute in a process environment. Pre-Control is a color-coded format which uses specification limits which operators can relate to. They use simple levels of “go and no go” based on where the data falls. 

Participants will see how to draft and create a Pre-Control chart. A sample process will be “run” in which the next step decisions will be modeled. This session will leave people motivated with a plan of how to reduce system complexity while improving upon the efficiency and effectiveness of their quality management system.

Note: This session has consistently ranked in the top 1-5% at previous conferences at more than 5 venues. It was featured in ASQ QMD's special edition of the Quality Management Forum's 2015 Spring edition. ASQ-QM.org. A Webinar of this topic was provided in 2015 via the ASQ QMD Linkage Technical Committee to >1300 respondents through the IMA and ASQ QMD 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Reduce process complexity and minimize risk,
  • Increase affectivity of a Core Tool.
  • Increase personnel compliance in proactive process management.
Who Will Benefit:
  • Quality, Lean and Engineering system practitioners
  • Directors
  • Vice-Presidents
  • Engineers
  • Analysts
  • Managers, etc. 
Speaker Profile:
Jd Marhevko has served as Vice President of Quality and Lean for Accuride Corporation since April 2012, having joined the company as Vice President, Quality in January 2012. She has been involved in Operations and Quality/Lean/Six Sigma efforts across a variety of industries for more than 25 years. Extensively experienced in developing cost-effective and value-added quality and lean systems enterprise-wide, Marhevko has an impressive track record of success in aligning goals to drive process improvement and productivity. 

Contact Detail:

Compliance4All DBA NetZealous,
Phone: +1-800-447-9407
Email: support@compliance4All.com
Event Link : http://bit.ly/Pre_Control_Easier_than_SPC

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