Webinar-Voice Biometric Password Reset

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Nov 21, 2013
Time 3 PM EST
Cost Free
Nothing is more frustrating than getting locked out because of forgotten password. While traditional process demands using some passphrases and seldom taking support from helpdesk agents, self-service options may value add by making the process faster and enhance productivity.
Coming to some statistics:
  • Organizations spend between 15-25 USD per phone call for password reset and even agents spend significant time in this process [On an average, helpdesk receives more than 4 password reset requests per person per year ].
  • Taking a conservative figure of USD 15 for each Password Reset, a 1,000-person organization spends minimum of USD 49500 [yearly] for password resetting. This can be reduced as low as USD 19800*.
  • Extrapolating this to large enterprises having 10K+ employees, the Business Process Automation related savings will be to the tune of multi-million USD which is gigantic.


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