Solr Monitor for Splunk Enterprise

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Dec 18, 2013
Time 10:00 am PT
Cost Free
LucidWorks App for Splunk Enterprise is the first of its kind, specifically designed to allow companies to analyze and manage the health and availability of their Solr deployments in Splunk software. The solution integrates multi-structured data indexed by Solr directly into Splunk® Enterprise, giving system administrators the ability to look at the intersection of documents, customer records or other unstructured data sources as they relate to machine data. This enables companies to optimize their Solr applications, glean insights from search and usage patterns and spot security concerns to improve end user experiences and derive more business value from data-driven applications.
This webinar will explore the features of the App, and provide attendees with valuable information on the following key components:
  • Solr Monitor: Monitor the health and availability and utilization of LucidWorks and/or Solr deployments with pre-defined data inputs, dashboards and reports
  • Search Analytics: Perform user behavior and click-stream analysis with pre-built search analytics reports and fields
  • NoSQL Lookups: Using Splunk’s lookup facility enrich your Splunk reports with data of any structure using Solr’s fully indexed and searchable NoSQL-datastore
  • Search Time Joins: Join Splunk data with human generated and other unstructured data sources stored in Solr at search time for developing data-driven applications


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