How to Help Your Child Write the First-Class Essay

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Date Nov 15, 2017
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Writing essays is challenging for most people despite it playing a significant role in one getting an education. There are quite some writers, but only a few have truly mastered this art. Writing takes more than a passion - it requires a lot of commitment, time for practicing and reading to improve your vocabulary. Writing essays is a challenge on its own, now picture having to teach.
Parents have an obligation to help their children develop in all aspects including in their education. Well, you may ask what about the thousands of dollars you pay for schooling. Yes, they will be taught, but it’s vital that you take some time to practice with them. It makes tracking their academic development and challenges easier. Plus, it’s a motivator on its own. Teaching may seem even more challenging, but it can be the opposite - fun and relatively easy. Let us look at ways that can guide parents help their children write essays - and not just any, but first-class essays!
Work On the Basics
There are skills that one must have to be able to write an essay. You will need to teach your child some of the skills, which include:
  • Expressing opinions – majority of pieces fall on either writing facts and expressing opinion or both. It’s therefore, crucial that you train your child how to distinguish the 2 and when to use either. Your child needs to learn how to communicate their opinions to readers appropriately and without being offensive.
  • Ability to observe and record observations – practice with your child how to see things and make a report. You could identify something, maybe a picture or an activity and ask them to describe it; you can do it together then compare the 2 observations. This significantly improves your child’s ability to narrate or describe things through writing.
  • Constructing complete sentences – teach your child the different types of sentences, how to distinguish active and passive voice, using adverbs, nouns, prepositions, and finally matching subjects and verbs.
  • Making Paragraphs – Now that you have practiced writing different sentences, try arranging sentences into paragraphs. At the end of this exercise, your child should be capable of logically organizing sentences and have flow in their essay.
  • Transitioning between paragraphs – this may seem like a trivial issue, but paragraphs do need order too. Work on writing introductions, organizing the most important points in the body, and an excellent conclusion. Your child will cultivate skills that will help them logically organize paragraphs. Practice with 2, 3 and as many paragraphs as needed to write a coherent essay!
Let Your Children Understand the Value of Writing
For your child to take writing seriously, they need to understand the value that it holds such as, how it will play a significant role in their education and how its use goes beyond the confines of a classroom. At the point where they understand the value, it’s only then that they can strive to become good writers.
It’s A Big Part of Their Education
The moment that your child joins kindergarten, among the first skills that they get to learn are writing, speaking and reading skills. Writing skills, in particular, are significant to learning since most assignments, reports, and exams are written. When your child understands that their writing skills will play a major role in their academic performance, it’s only then will they work on becoming good writers. In the process, they eventually get to write first-class essays.
We Use Writing Skills Every Day
This implies that it’s practical. Let your child see instances where they have had to put their writing skills to use in a day. Examples are writing texts or posts on social media, filling out forms at the doctor’s and so on.
It’s An Important Communication Skill
Writing is among the many ways through which we can communicate with other people. Practice communicating through letters with your child, or notes within the house; this will significantly improve their writing.
Writing is Therapeutic and Fun
Diary recording is a good way of practicing writing. It’s a great outlet for expressing our inner thoughts and feelings, making it therapeutic. You can get your child a diary or just a notebook where they can express feelings they have difficulty communicating verbally. In the end, you’ll notice an improvement in how they express themselves making them excellent essay writers.
“Practice Makes Perfect”
Perfection in writing doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need practice often to help your child develop the skills necessary for writing the first-class essay. While practicing, you can find relevant examples online to assist you. Some online platforms have guidelines to help with essay writing such as how to start an essay, writing the conclusion, and essay writing in general.
Technological advancements have revolutionized education so much, such that getting any information is simple, just with a click of a button. Give your child access to online platforms - of course with some regulation, where they can learn more on essay writing at their own time. This inspires them to improve their writing.
Make It Fun!
Your child doesn’t need you making the whole activity serious and boring; there’s school for that! Remember all you’re trying to do is to inspire your kid to be an excellent writer. Children are drawn more to fun activities so if you want your child to enjoy writing you’ll have to make it fun! Writing games will come in handy. Draw out the creativity and passion for writing in your kid. Some of the games you can use include:
A writing game that has been around for decades, and still as enjoyable for both you and your child. You will each write words or sentences on the same paper following a specific order, and eventually, what you wrote culminates into a story. All you need is a pen and paper to play the game. Ensure that your story has an adjective, male and female characters, where they met, what they did, said and the consequence. However, you can play with different variations to the list.
Mad Libs
Mad Libs has been around since the 50s. It’s a word replacement game. Your child will get a better understanding of the parts of speech and develop some love for writing.
Make the Necessary Preparations
In writing, preparation and planning are critical steps. Create a conducive environment and provide the necessary resources that your child need to practice writing the first-class essay. You’ll do the following as part of your preparations:
  • Find the right space - create a conducive learning environment
  • Get the necessary learning resources including stationery, tablets, and laptops, whatever your child enjoys using
  • Before you begin with writing essays, take time to brainstorm ideas with your child and make the necessary planning
  • After writing, teach your child how to proofread their work, eliminating any errors
Taking the time to teach your child how to write first-class essays is important. Realize that the skills they develop are required for attaining academic success including securing a position in college. Practicing with your child is fun for the both of you and inspiration for them to be good writers. It’s also a great bonding time. Create the right environment to help your child develop writing skills for writing first-class essays.


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