Five Pivotal Issues Facing Professional & Financial Service Marketers Webinar

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Date Mar 4, 2014
Time 2 pm ET
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More has changed in professional and financial services marketing in the past five years than in the first fifty. The advent of social media, the growth of content marketing, the death of traditional advertising, the push to mobile, the always-on, 24/7 world of media and public relations—it all has forever changed the way professional and financial services marketers do their job and make an impact for their organizations.

Join Greg Matusky, president of Gregory FCA, and Mark Waxman, Chief Marketing Officer of CBIZ, as they discuss the five pivotal issues facing professional and financial services including:

- The changing role of public relations in building trust and positioning your business or financial services firm in today chaotic world of media.

- The power and potential of social media and whether it is simple hyperbole or new hope for professional and financial services markets to build their practices.

- The role of content marketing, but most importantly, how to manage a content marketing program in a world where no one, especially your subject matter experts, wants to take the time to create thoughtful content—the kind that gets noticed and generates response.

- How important is participation? In charities, on boards, at events? Is it still a game of who you know and who you network with? Is person-to-person networking even still effective now that LinkedIn and other social networks connect faster and more efficiently?

- How do you achieve more awareness online? What are the real keys to SEO? How can you and your firm get noticed faster and more often in the chaos that is the Internet?

These and other pivotal issues will be examined by the head of one of America’s largest public relations firms, and the marketing leader of one of the largest employee benefits, insurance, and accounting companies in the United States.

Mark Waxman, Chief Marketing Officer, CBIZ
Greg Matusky, President, Gregory FCA


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