Workplace Wellness - A Roadmap to Engaging Employees

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Date Sep 18, 2018
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
This session will explore the best strategies for optimizing engagement by increasing employee wellness in the workplace. Some topics of discussion include making workplace wellness programs more effective, creating a healthier culture, garnering leadership support, building a solid business case by exploring VOI and ROI - all by showing real results.
Aging employees, higher health costs and disengaged employees can cripple an organization’s bottom line. Why not mitigate these risks by providing a workplace wellness programs? 
Employers are getting it – sort of. Most believe in the concept of keeping their employees healthy because it just makes sense. Not only does paying attention to this make a difference in the lives of the people who are the most valuable asset to a company, but there are also many benefits to the bottom line – lowered health claims, improved energy and morale, lowered sickness, and improved productivity. 
Typical employee engagement wellness programs may include conducting an annual health fair, inviting a speaker to do the odd lunch n’ learn, or even providing gym or fitness subsidies. These initiatives are certainly good starting points, but are they worked into the overall objectives of the organization? Will companies really get the biggest bang for their buck? A one-size fits all corporate wellness programs will yield disappointing engagement rates.
Hear strategies to improve employee engagement and best practices for implementing workplace wellness programs.
Build a successful strategy for employee wellness in the workplace by answering the question, Why Wellness, Why Now? 
Then, implement a meaningful wellness strategy that optimizes the chances that wellness will work! Best practices and strategies will be shared for effectively communicating, garnering leadership support and optimizing engagement with chosen wellness initiatives.
Best strategies for designing and communicating a corporate wellness programs that engage people. Make your efforts to improve employee wellness in the workplace count!
  • Human Resources 
  • Wellness Champions within a workplace
  • Person responsible for coordinating internal wellness program
  • Executive leaders
  • Employee Benefits Consultants/Brokers
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