Product Management - 101

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Oct 4, 2017
Time 09:00 PM IST/ GMT 5:30
Cost Free
Hey there,
You are invited to the first of our Instahyre Webinars series where we will be taking up different topics each time and then having a panel discussion over them with industry experts from top tier companies. For this first one, we've taken up the hottest, but nevertheless an ambiguous topic of Product Managment. 
We have an experienced guest panel from companies like Amazon, Salesforce, Foodpanda and Rubrik. If you are a Product Manager or an aspiring student of PM, there'll be a lot of info about: 1) What is Product Management? 2) How PM differs in each industry or sector? 3) How to get into Product Management, and what should be the career trajectory? And other questions you may have.
We'll be starting 9 PM IST on Thursday, 4th of October. All you need is access to Youtube. So, register now and be there with a Pen & a Paper to take notes!


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