10 Tips to Avoid Common Webinar Disasters

Web-conferencing or webinar is the most important tool in today’s world for conducting online seminars, workshops, trainings and meetings to reach out to your prospective customers/ business partners across the world. Being inexpensive and time-saving, Webinars have emerged as the key marketing tool to take your business to new heights in any corner of the world. It is imperative to run a webinar smoothly, as a poorly executed webinar can spell disaster and you might also lose your valuable customers. The following tips would help you avoid the common webinar mistakes:
  1. Avoid giving too much information: The webinar should not be jam-packed with a lot of information. Covering a wide topic in a single webinar session      should be avoided as far as possible.
  2. Ensure there is no audio problem: Prior to conducting a webinar, ensure that the speaker of the computer or the telephone is functioning properly.
  3. Install a webcam: In order to host a webinar, it is imperative to have a live video.  It enables you to have a face to face discussion with your prospective clients besides encouraging them to engage in the session actively as they can see as well as hear you.
  4. Quick login process: Ensure that the login process is quick and simple.  A slow login process irritates the audiences as a result of which they might not prefer attending the webinar. Remember that losing even a single audience or a potential customer can prove to be costly for your business.
  5. Choose a quiet area to host the webinar: This is the most important step for      conducting a webinar successfully. Webinars should be conducted in noise      free rooms. Ensure that the television, radio and the sound system is      turned off. Also, keep your pets away from the room.
  6. Interactive webinar: Rather than making your session, a one-way      communication, make it an interactive session and allow your audiences to ask questions and express their viewpoints.
  7. Start with a short intro: Avoid extending the webinar session with lengthy introduction. You should try every means to stay within the expected time limit by discussing the major points for which the webinar has been conducted.
  8. Create a professional backdrop: It is essential create a professional      background while hosting a webinar. A photo frame or a gaudy piece of art in the background can distract the attention of your audiences; therefore, you should take down the digital photo frames and other such objects of distraction from the backdrop. Ensure that your family, colleagues or pets are not in the room where you are hosting the virtual meeting.
  9. Don’t concentrate on the script while speaking:  Avoid reading out the slides aloud. The content of your speech should include examples from real life to support the subject mentioned on the slide.
  10. Get the technology examined: Before hosting a webinar, ensure that your      computer, the webinar software, internet connection, webcam and speakers      are functioning properly.
These are few tips that would help you avoid the common webinar disasters. Before conducting a webinar ensure that you rehearse well so that you don’t end up stumbling in between the webinar session.
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