Advantages of recording a webinar

While conducting a webinar it is always ideal to record the webinar so that it can be utilized for future use. Most of the live web conferences these days are recorded so that one can refer to the recorded webinars as and when the need arises. The recorded version of many webinars is also available on this site. Recorded webinars are in great demand as they provide you with accurate information that was presented during the live webinar. There are numerous benefits of a recorded webinar. They are as follows— a)      It is useful for training a group of staff at once. b)      You can use to the recorded webinar numerous time for making presentations. c)      If you are unable to grasp the content of the webinar at one go, a recorded webinar can helped you to clear your doubts. d)     Recorded webinars can also be used as a self-paced learning tool. It is very effective for slow-learners. e)      While you conduct a free webinar, often more than half percent of the audiences who had registered for the event, miss the webinar. The half percent of audiences who fail to turn up for the webinar are no doubt, very important to you. With a recorded webinar you get the benefit of sending the link of the webinar to them via email so that they can view the presentation made by you during the webinar. f)       For people who have attended your webinar event, a recorded version of the webinar enables them to share the knowledge of the same with others. g)      You can also use recorded webinar as a social marketing tool. You can upload your recorded webinar to Recorded Webinars Page and other social networking sites including your website thereby attracting traffic to your website. h)      Last but not least, if a paid seminar is missed by certain number of audiences, you can send the recorded webinar to them rather than refunding the money. These are some of the advantages of recording a webinar event. A recorded webinar is as effective as a live webinar. For your queries related to the webinar, you can always contact the speaker to get your queries answered through an email follow-up. Almost all the major webinar platforms these days allow you to record your webinar event., a unique website that forms an important platform for the Webinar Hosts to promote their Webinars all over the world.  It acts as the central source for all upcoming Webinars as well as the recorded webinars. This website features a recorded Webinar library which lists recorded Webinars, teleseminars, pod casts along with radio shows so that you can refer to the webinar of your choice as and when need arises.
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