Coping with an impromptu speech during a Webinar

Delivering an unprepared speech or giving an unexpected presentation is indeed a daunting task. While hosting a webinar, often you might come across situations that call for an unprepared speech or presentation. Such situations generally occur due to the unavailability of the scheduled spokesman or while answering questions that are thrown by the audience. Not everyone is born with great oratory skills to speak convincingly on any issue with fullness; therefore delivering an unprepared presentation or speech can turn into a devastating experience for few. But following certain effective tips and tactics can help you greatly to manage an impromptu speech or presentation during webinars. Next time, you face a similar situation; follow the below mentioned guidelines to tackle the circumstances in a smart manner. Utilizing webinar tools: While hosting a webinar, utilizing webinar tools is an effective way to keep the audience engrossed in webinar thereby relieving you from the anxiety of presenting.  Make your webinar visually interesting:  Sharing documents at regular intervals while hosting a website not only makes the web conference visually interesting but it also helps you to focus on the discussion. Chat with the audience:  If the webinar hosted by you is being attended by a large audience, you can keep the crowd engaged by asking challenging questions to them and letting them send the answers. This trick not only helps to boost audience engagement but also provides you with ample time to collect your thoughts and speak on the upcoming topic. Cite real life examples: While hosting a webinar, storytelling can act as an effective tool for a prepared as well as an unprepared speech. Citing interesting real life examples do not require any advance preparation, as personal stories are easier to be narrated. Real life examples help you to grab the concentration of your audience and it also relieves you from the stress of being unprepared for a speech. A webinar should be conducted in a professional manner in order to win the trust of your audience and also to build your brand. Keeping the above factors in mind enable you to conduct a webinar successfully, even if you are least prepared for a speech or presentation. To learn more about webinars come visit the Learning Center on this site.
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