FAQ for Hosts

I am interested in advertising on your website or newsletter, what are your advertising rates and specs?

Please Contact Us to discuss advertising.

Can I also list a Podcast on WebinarListings.com? A virtual event? A tele-seminar? An in-person event?

As long as your event is a virtual event (people participate from their computers or phones), you can post it on WebinarListings.  If it has a scheduled time, it's considered a Live Webinar, but if it can be seen/heard anytime, then it's a Recorded (or on-demand) Webinar.  In-person events, however, are not permitted, as this site is intended to be "location-free"... everything takes place on phone or internet.

How do I edit or delete a Webinar I submitted?

You can edit or delete your webinar by going to the Edit/Delete webinar page on our site and using the email you used to add your webinar.  If you don't yet have a password, use the email from when you added your webinar, to request a password.

What is the difference between Basic Free Webinar and Featured Live Webinars?

Basic listings are free, and Featured Listings cost you a small fee.  See the How-To page to understand what the Featured Listings include. If you are concerned about the pricing, take a look at our case studies to help make the decision!

Why is my Webinar not showing up in the RSS feed or in the newsletter?

If your Webinar is a Basic free webinar, it will not be included in the RSS feed or the newsletter.  If you have upgraded to a Featured listing and it is still not showing up, please Contact Us.

I had a link to my registration page in my description and it seems to have been deleted.  Why?

We track and provide statistics to our customers based on clicks on the orange "Register Now" button.  If your link is in your description, it doesn't accurately show the value we are offering you.

Do you provide Webinar software?

No, but there are MANY providers of Webinar software.  See our blog post Webinar Software Companies for those that we are aware of. (let us know if we are missing any!)

I host the same Webinar every week.  Do I need to submit it each time?

No you don't!  On the submit webinar page, there is a recurring event button where you can set up your Webinar as recurring, so you only have to enter it once.  If you have a lot of Webinars that are very similar, contact us, as we may be able to just duplicate one, and make the small changes.

Is it possible to do a batch upload of a lot of Webinars?

Yes it is! Here's how:

  1. Read the detailed upload instructions (Excel file) very carefully.
  2. Download the Webinar Listings Import template (CSV file) and complete it.  Don't add any formatting or change the columns in any way.
  3. Complete the Category form (Excel file) for each Webinar.
  4. Email both forms to us, and contact us to arrange for payment if  you have opted to upgrade to a Featured Webinar.
  5. Let us know if you have any questions!

Is there a maximum number of Webinars I can add on your site?

For individual webinars, there is no maximum.  But for a webinar series (where the same webinar repeats), the maximum is two per week.  We also only accept webinars for the next 6 months, to ensure that the content is correct and updated.

I just added my webinar to my site, and some strange characters are appearing in my listing. What can I do?

Oftentimes this happens when the webinar description has been copied and pasted from a source with formatting already in it.  You can go in and edit your webinar, and try some of the following:

edit webinar

  • Click the Clean HTML button to clean things up a bit
  • If you know HTML, click the Edit HTML button and see if there's anything out of the ordinary
  • Try copying your text into a text-editor (like Notepad) first, and then copying it from there into WebinarListings.  The text editor strips all the formatting, but then you can easily add it back in our editor.
  • After you've made some changes, click the Preview button to see the changes

If all else fails, email us and we'll help out!

I'd like to show a feed of some of your webinars on my website.  Can I do that?

Sure!  There is a widget that allows you to do that very easily.  Here's the JavaScript widget.  For the RSS feed, use this base: http://www.webinarlistings.com/calendar/events/rss.php?l=ID, and fill in the ID as appropriate from the list below (use commas and no spaces to separate multiple categories):

29           B2B
23           Business
21           Computers
11           Education
25           Family and/or Parenting
20           Finance & Accounting
16           Government
26           Healthcare/Pharma
4              Human Resources
17           Job Search
24           Leadership
19           Legal
13           Marketing
14           Marketing - Email
12           Marketing - Online
30           Mobile
28           Networking
18           Non-profit
5             OTHER
32           PR/Communications
9             Sales
10           Search Engine - SEO/SEM
33            Self Improvement/Personal Growth
2              Social Media
3              Social Media - Facebook
7              Social Media -LinkedIn
6              Social Media -Twitter
15           Social Media -Video
22           Technology
31            Technology - Virtualization
27           Women

Or, use this http://www.webinarlistings.com/calendar/events/rss.php?s=3 for all Featured Webinars.  You can even change the colors and the styling to better match your website.

Confused? Very understandable! Contact us.

Still have more questions? Contact us!

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