How to Recycle Your Webinar Content

So you put on your webinar, and now you're done, right?  Wrong! You worked so hard to develop the content, and put on the webinar, it's worth spending a bit more time to get more value out of it after the fact. Here are some ideas for doing that.

  1. Create a blog post out of the content in the webinar.recycle
  2. Turn the audio recording into a podcast.
  3. Post the full video on your website so people who missed it, can watch it at some point.  You can even consider charging attendees to watch it.
  4. Post your slides on Slideshare.
  5. Post the full video on Viddler or myBrainshark.
  6. Post the full video or a link to the video on the WebinarListings new on-demand library.
  7. Q&ATake the list of all the questions that were asked during your webinar and create a Q&A blog post.
  8. If you ran a poll during your webinar, take the data from the poll, and turn that into a blog post.
  9. Take highlights from the webinar, and put them in your next e-newsletter.
  10. Break the recording down into 5 minute segments, and post them on YouTube or Twitter.

(Image Source: Q&A, recycle)

What other ideas do you have for getting the most use out of your webinar, and recycling the content?

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