The Word About Your Webinar: How Variety in Email Marketing Will Increase Sign Ups

Guest Post by Michelle Salater; CEO Sumer, LLC

If the point of your email marketing is to entice people to attend your webinar, what’s a solid strategy?  Simply put, it’s variety. If that sounds strange, just wait… Here’s what email marketing strategies have in common with going to a restaurant. Imagine you’ve gone to the same sandwich shop for five years straight. It’s your Wednesday afternoon tradition: a clean and relaxing atmosphere, where a polite and highly efficient staff seems to look forward to your arrival. You’ve gone there to get over a mid-week energy slump. And for the first several visits, you had ordered tuna on wheat toast with hot green tea. Now, as a result, the servers bring that exact order each time. In a way, you signed up with this restaurant. You believe in its promise as a business. But you’re beginning to get tired of receiving the same, tiresome menu item. Now think of this framework in terms of your email list when you promote your webinar. Even if people showed a high level of interest in the webinar, and responded positively to your first emails, they’re still going to be looking for variety. If you differ in each message, you’ll receive more and better responses. Follow these tips on how to promote your webinar with diverse messaging, and watch casual interest become consistent sign ups…  
  • Entice customers to open your email.

 Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if the recipient requested to receive communication from you—there is still no obligation to open. This is where the all-important subject line comes into play.

While it’s true that your subject heading choice should hint at the email’s contents, it shouldn’t reveal every bit of the information inside. Keep the title somewhat of a mystery, but more important, make sure it arouses enough curiosity that your prospective customers are most likely to click.

  • Make a good first impression. 

Now that the recipient has opened the email, you have a few seconds to grab their attention. You can (and many times should) have fun with the first line, but don’t forget to get to the point after you’ve captivated interest about the content.

Try an out of the ordinary first sentence, something not commonly heard. After that, jump into promoting your webinar.

  • Vary your length.

Think of it as good manners. People aren’t going to want to read a 10,000 word marketing email!

But at the same time you need to include details. If it’s a longer message about your webinar, put an important detail in a P.S.. Not only does this reinforce a call to action, but it also gives your reader a chance to rest.

  • Sign up for other webinars and training videos 

Sometimes, it helps to learn by example.

When you watch other webinars, not only do you learn new tips, but you also can take note of how it was promoted. You pick up on what you like and dislike, along with picking up on new strategies and technologies. That way, you’ll see exactly what can work for your business.

    About Michelle Salater and Sūmèr, LLC:  Michelle Salater is the CEO of Sūmèr, LLC, a full-service copywriting firm for overwhelmed businesses that need big-picture strategy, want it executed now, and desire to grow fast. Unlike traditional copywriters, Sūmèr’s talented writers are fully trained to strategically take your vision and goals and turn them into copy that converts to sale. Michelle is an award-winning writer and content expert featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, MyBusiness Magazine, M.O. Online, and Entreprenista, among others. She frequently speaks to entrepreneurs and business organizations in the U.S. and abroad on how to maximize their online marketing efforts through storytelling and creating an effective brand message. To learn more about webinar promotion, strategies sign up for a free 3-part video training at Follow me on Twitter: @writtenbysumer  
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