When Should You Host a Paid Webinar?

The decision of conducting a paid webinar and how much you should charge for your webinar depends on your business goals.  If you are planning to promote a product or service or to develop your business leads, a free webinar would be the right choice for you as it helps in maximizing the number of audience who participate in the webinar.  Thus, many start-up companies prefer offering their expertise free of cost to obtain more registrations to increase the number of participants. Moreover, a free webinar is much easier to implement as the host doesn’t have to take the pain of processing payments. However, a free webinar also has its drawbacks as it doesn’t allow you to make any profit. Moreover, there are many prospective clients who do not take free webinars seriously as they are of the opinion that things offered for free often have a lower value compared to things that come with a price tag. If your key objective is to generate revenue, the best option for you would be to offer free participation in the initial stages and then start charging for recording and transcription of the webinars.  This not only helps in maximizing the number of your audiences but also helps in enhancing the revenue. Though a paid webinar is a more complicated process, it has several advantages. It enables you to earn enough money with each registration. Each person who signs up to participate in the webinar adds to your revenue. Moreover, the speakers hired by you can also help you in promoting the webinar if they get the chance to earn a commission. A free webinar is highly recommended for start-up companies as helps them to learn the know-how of conducting a glitch-free webinar without the high expectation of the audiences. Once you are at ease with the process of conducting a webinar, you may think about hosting a paid webinar. Before deciding to host a free/ paid webinar, it is highly essential to analyze the pros and cons of both the models and select the one that best suits your needs. WebinarListings.com, an exclusive website forms an important platform for the Webinar Hosts to promote their free as well as paid webinars throughout the world. It acts as the central source of all forthcoming Webinars and also allows you to view and listen to the recorded webinars. This website features a recorded Webinar library which lists live and recorded Webinars, tele-seminars, pod casts along with radio shows so that you can refer to the webinar of your choice as and when need arises.
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