Webinar on Giving feedback to a toxic person? Strategize your conversation and handle it the smart way

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Date May 7, 2019
Time 12:00 pm EDT
Cost $159.00
Giving feedback to a toxic person is one of the most painful forms of feedback. Our upcoming webinar discusses top strategies to start the feedback conversation with difficult people, keep it rolling positively, and end the conversation with critical actions.
The webinar covers the following key areas:
  •  Giving feedback to a toxic person based on whether the employee is a peer, direct report, or boss. 
  •  Deal more effectively with the 94% of employees who have reported they have worked with a toxic person in the past 5 years.
  •  Be exposed to a simple assessment tool to understand how team climate impacts everyday civility.
In this webinar, Dr. Kusy helps leaders separate performance problems from toxic behavior problems. They are different and needed to be treated differently. Giving feedback to a toxic person is one of the most painful forms of feedback.
For three reasons.
First, toxic people are often clueless about the impact of their actions on others.
Second, leaders stumble over how to give feedback because it’s not as cut and dry as performance problems.
Third, leaders often don’t understand the subtle differences in giving feedback to a toxic peer, a toxic direct report, and a toxic boss.
This webinar shares all three perspectives so that leaders will be well-poised about how to deal with a toxic employee and providing feedback in the most successful light—all formed from extensive research and evidence-based practices of Dr. Kusy and others.
All industries—profit, non-profit, government, healthcare, education, etc.
Leaders, managers, and supervisors
Human resource professionals
Talent development professionals
Talent development professionals
Mitchell Kusy has worked as a professor, author, organizational psychologist, and consultant for 25+ years. Hehas traveled the world sharing not only the cutting-edge research on toxic personalities, but just as importantly—what to do about it.
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