Boost Productivity with the Right Team Building Strategies

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Date Jun 5, 2019
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Teams are the way organizations get their work done and bring innovation and creativity to their industry. In this one hour webinar be prepared to learn how compensation is not necessarily the driving force behind high performing team members. By spending time and money on building capacity of a team through training, coaching and mentoring, organizations save money in the long run and build highly effective teams.
The largest barriers to team productivity are lack of effective communication skills, lack of trust and the lack of ability to collaborate.
In this webinar, we will explore how to overcome these obstacles as we build teams that function efficiently, how to boost your team's productivity and how to motivate an underperforming employee.
Teams have become a normal way for organizations to get their work and projects completed. The webinar will address how to build teams, motivate them to peak performance, ways to improve productivity and overcome barriers that may keep them from being successful. Through the effective use of teams, organizations will gain the edge in a competitive marketplace.
  • Three factors that motivate teams
  • Reward structure and job characteristics
  • Using your budget for training, coaching and mentoring and giving feedback
  • Three factors that adversely affect teams
  • How lack of effective communication skills, trust and collaboration halts productivity
  • Dynamics for a successful team
  • Motivation and the different generations
  • Creating a climate for successful team
Effective communication skills is the key to highly performing teams. When teams have healthy communication, trust and collaboration follow. High performance of teams is driven more by the team environment that is created and not the level of compensation team members receive. In order to build the capacity of teams, organizations should provide training, coaching and mentoring.
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Business owners and managers
  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Human Resource managers and others with management responsibilities and administrative assistants
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