Executive Presence: The Key to Getting Promoted - 2 Hour Boot Camp

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Date Jun 4, 2019
Time 01:00 PM
Cost $199.00
Too many managers do not have the promotable trait called Executive Presence. There are numerous definitions - some focus simply on the communication skills others focus on skills that are too tactical.
Leaders need to project the Executive Presence to motivate and challenge their direct reports. Learn how to improve your Executive Presence – that reflects your readiness to be promoted. There are 7 components which will be focused on and discussed in detail in this Boot Camp.
Has this happened to you?
You realize that everyone around you is getting promoted except for you. The feedback you have received focuses on your superior ability to get results with the caveat that your communication lacks emotional-social intelligence. If this sounds familiar and you are not sure what your next steps should be, you need to improve your Executive Presence.
Executive presence is a set of skills that reflects a leader’s readiness to be promoted and lead strategic initiatives. The leader exudes self-confidence and the company culture sets the style for Executive Presence. This executive presence training explains:
  • Definition of Executive Presence
  • Techniques for developing your leadership presence
  • 7 critical success factors
    • Managing up
    • Communication style
    • Drive to get results
    • Manage the “team”
    • Strategic thinking
    • Influence
    • Stakeholders -collaboration across the organization
Learn what is executive presence and ways to improve your executive presence. The webinar also explains the 7 critical factors of success and how executive presence is instrumental in getting promoted.
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Individual Contributors
  • High Potentials
  • Baby Boomers
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