Diversity and inclusion in workplace: explore the benefits, learning curve and possi-bilities

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Date May 22, 2019
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
For creating a D/I community in the workplace you must first learn some key skills, strategies and techniques. Our upcoming webinar discusses how an organization can enjoy the benefits of diversity and inclusion and how to recognize and further develop your own capacity for internal diversity and inclusion.
The webinar covers the following key areas:
  • Key leadership questions and becoming a leader/energy magnet 
  • Discover the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Styles Survey
  • How to defuse a critical aggressor and how everyday divisive language heightens status distinctions and impedes inclusion
In today’s rapid paced, culturally diverse (work) world, maximizing diversity and inclusion first involves communication and decision-making resources and structures in the organization and team. But it also involves recognizing and developing intra-personal, psychological and communicational understanding and expression within each individual. Inner and outer diversity is the key to truly productive D&I.
Attendees will learn about cultural diversity in the workplace and how to recognize and further develop their own capacity for internal diversity and inclusion, especially around "Passion Power": being Purposeful-Provocative-Passionate-Playful.
In a 3-D small group exercise, they will share this diversity with others, and will learn how shared inner and outer diversity inclusion creates interpersonal and team synergy. This diversity and inclusion training explains team-building value for their workplace (and even their home/family environments).
Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, "The Stress Doc"™, is a nationally acclaimed speaker, popular webinar educator, writer, and "Motivational Psychohumorist"™.  He has 30+ years of professional experience.
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