[Free Webinar] How to use remote devices for Development using pCloudy

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Jul 31, 2019
Time 11 AM EDT / 08:30 PM IST
Cost Free
If we look at prior indications then it is certain that there are growing expectations from Testers and Developers alike, to take quality head on. More so in the Mobile App Testing projects where changes are required faster than ever.

As part of DevOps practices, it has become imperative for developers to run as many tests as possible with every code check-in. These tests could be automated functional, API or Unit Tests.

But, there are some typical Challenges faced by developers while working on remote devices:
  • Developers need access of right set of devices across different versions to be able to run their tests.
  • Debugging capability on those devices so that they can fix issues quickly.
  • Access to a specific model of devices to debug production issues.
In this webinar we will find the solution to all these challenges faced by developers on remote devices.

The agenda for the webinar:
  • Remote devices on pCloudy are as much for developers as testers
  • Developer debugging for Android & iOS
  • Building android/iOS apps and putting it to test on remote devices using Command Prompt Interface


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