3 Hour Virtual Boot Camp Employee Investigations and Witness Interviews

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Date Aug 8, 2019
Time 1:00pm EDT
Cost $199.00
What will be discussed?
When employees have complaints, they expect their employer to be responsive, attentive and competent in how they handle complaints and conduct effective workplace investigations. Our upcoming boot camp discusses practical tips for conducting workplace investigations and writing investigative reports.
What you’ll learn?
  •  Investigatory best practices, policies, procedures and protocols
  •  Handling investigatory interference and witness interviews
  •  How to handle physical, testimonial and documentary evidence
  •  Making decisions in workplace investigation process
  •  Writing investigative reports
Where there are people, there will be problems. Any company regardless of size, is guaranteed that one day there will be a reported complaint or discovered problem(s). Where there are problems, good investigatory and fact-finding skills are crucial. Because with people being people, every situation will be different.
When an employer receives an allegation of workplace harassment, discrimination, other misconduct, even some types of customer complaints, conducting an internal investigation is often a legal responsibility to limit liability. However, whether the investigation defends the company and limits their legal liability or blows up into an incredible, embarrassing mess (that incurs great liability) may depend largely upon HOW the investigation is conducted.
The quality of an investigation conducted depends largely on the training the investigator received (or not) on the methods of conducting effective workplace investigations.
Small business owners
HR Generalists
HR Managers
HR Directors
HR Business Partner
Employee Relations
Plant Managers
Branch Managers
Front Line Managers
Store Managers
Business Owners
Department Managers
Compliance Officers
Teri Morning, MBA, MS, SHRM-SCP, is President of Hindsight Human Resources, LLC and specializes in solving company “people problems.” She has 20+ years’ human resources and training experience in a variety of fields.
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