Sharing the Love? Managing the Risks of Workplace Romance

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Date Oct 23, 2019
Time 1:00 pm EDT
Cost $159.00
Romance may sell novels, TV shows and movies, but in the employment context it is often not a positive development, especially when the romantic relationships in the workplace sours. For example,
  • Can you be sure the relationship is consensual and would not form the basis of a sexual harassment in the workplace claim?
  • What if one of the parties reports to the other?
  • Can your company enact a no dating in the workplace policy?
  • What if anything should an employer do if it hears rumors of a workplace romance?
In this webinar we will address these and other questions regarding romantic relationships in the workplace and workplace harassment laws.
Attend the webinar to gain a better understanding of managing the risks of workplace romance and handling harassment claims in the workplace.
Topics include, without limitation:
  • Overview of the issues involved in interoffice dating
  • What is sexual harassment in the workplace?
  • Courtship at work
  • Best practices for dating in the workplace and keeping it HR appropriate
  • Hiring married couples
  • What to do when employees break up?
  • What is a love contract, and should you have one?
  • Much more!
In this webinar we will address the key issues that every employer needs to understand about workplace romance and workplace harassment and how to respond appropriately to these situations, including appropriate policies and investigation procedures in order avoid liability.
  • Business Owners
  • CEO’s
  • Senior Managers
  • Any direct managers/supervisors
  • VP HR
  • HR Director
  • HR Generalist
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