Executive Presence: Show Them You Are Ready to Get Promoted

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Date Jan 7, 2020
Time 1:00pm EST
Cost $159.00
Executive presence is a set of skills that reflect a leader’s readiness to be promoted and lead strategic initiatives. Our upcoming webinar discusses how to improve your executive presence, a trait every leader must have to drive the team towards goal and results.
The webinar covers the following key areas:
  • Understanding the business strategically - how things work
  • Leading the team on an issue or challenge – working towards goal and results
  • Choosing appropriate modes to operate – negotiation, directness, results driven, etc
Has this happened to you?  You realize that everyone around you is getting promoted except for you.  The feedback you have received focuses on your superior ability to get results with the caveat that your communication lacks emotional-social intelligence.  If this sounds familiar and you are not sure what your next steps are, you need to take to improve your Executive Presence. Learn how to improve your executive presence that includes strategic planning and communication skills and reflects your readiness to get promoted.
• Leaders
• Managers
• Individual Contributors
• High Potentials
• Baby Boomers, etc.
Speaker Profile:Valerie Pelan has been coaching leaders for 15 years and consults on talent and leadership development, assessment tools, and leadership models. She uses premium assessments and 360s tools to solidify her clients’ understanding of their strengths and developmental areas.
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