A manager's guide to making coaching conversations impactful

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Date Jan 15, 2020
Time 1:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Coaching is a process of helping another individual realize their inner potential, and delivering fulfillment to both the individual and the related organization. Our upcoming webinar discusses the key steps for effective coaching in the workplace, focussed on performance and behavioral issues, and how managers can develop effective coaching skills.
The webinar covers the following key areas:
  • Understand what effective coaching in the workplace is and what it is NOT
  • Use the G.R.O.W.  coaching process to facilitate beneficial coaching conversations
  • Learn how to build the coaching relationship and motivate your employee
In this webinar, you’ll learn the essential elements of effective coaching and what you can do to become a more effective coach.
• Senior HR executives
• HR leaders
• Members of the senior executive team
• Directors, coordinators and supervisors
• Anyone leading and driving leadership and organizational culture transformation
Speaker Profile: Audrey Halpern is a soft skills training facilitator consultant with 20+ years of experience. Audrey is currently a faculty member of American Management Association where she trains productivity and communication skills.
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