How to Achieve Flawless Execution: Driving Results with Effective Leadership

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Date Feb 26, 2020
Time 1:00pm EST
Cost $159.00
Flawless execution is the ultimate practical behavior that the most successful companies strive to attain. The stories about Steve Jobs demanding perfection at Apple are legion.
The quality and design excellence of Apple products is also common knowledge. This webinar will show you how to achieve flawless execution without sacrificing people or human dignity.
Errors, mistakes and oversights are some of the most expensive problems in business today. It doesn’t have to be a big problem if you commit to striving for flawless execution. Quality execution is not easy to attain but it is within reach if you make a serious commitment, apply lots of passion and of course, a plan.
Flawless execution is one of the most classic examples of where the energy, drive and vision have to come from the top and filter down through the organization. Quality will not stand a chance without highly dedicated leadership.
When the rank and file people within an organization get a vision of quality, excellence and they taste the thrill of achieving what is possible, they become super dedicated to progress.
On the other hand, when the leadership within the organization is not able to emotionally or behaviorally continue to set the example of excellence, the best qualified and highest achievers will leave the organization.
Excellence will only thrive where leadership sets a positive, progressive and profitable example.
  • What is flawless execution?
  • How do you design a plan that is realistic?
  • What about the emotions and culture?
  • Next comes the behavior patterns
  • Practical mechanics that work with real people
  • Getting and appreciating the right people
  • How to build productivity through rewards and recognition
  • Focus on feedback and followup
  • Master the art of effective communication
  • Become aware of, notice and reward positive & productive behaviors
Learn what is flawless execution and how to achieve it. Discover the secret to high achievement at a truly REMARKABLE level.
  • CEO, CFO, COO, etc.
  • Vice Presidents
  • Managers
  • Those being groomed for promotion.
David Rohlander's passion is helping executives create a masterpiece personally and professionally. That's why he wrote, "The CEO Code," a Best Seller on AMAZON. That success resulted in Penguin/Alpha Books asking David to write "IDIOT'S GUIDES: Management Skills" released in December 2014.
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