How to Deal with Tricky Employee Absenteeism Issues: Reviewing Policies and Regulations

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Date Feb 20, 2020
Time 1:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
When employees don’t play fair with your organization’s absentee policy and take an unplanned or excessive time off, it causes problems — and you need solutions! This webinar will teach you how to create or update your employee attendance policy and procedure which comply with legal standards and which can be flexible enough to meet the demands of different departments or positions. The program will also address federal and state laws that may be implicated in dealing with employee absences such as the FMLA and ADA.
Chronic employee absenteeism can hurt productivity and profits, while also taking a severe toll on employee morale. Attend this webinar if you want to learn how to address attendance issues with employees.
•  What are legally protected employee absences under federal laws
•  How to recognize and deal with patterns of abuse
•  How to develop strategies to identify and manage leave abuse red flags
•  Explore the importance of a written employee attendance policy and procedure and consistent use of employee absence tracker
•  Discover why you’ve never enforced an employee absenteeism policy in the past — without being accused of discrimination or harassment
You’ll discover how to not only recognize, but deal with patterns of attendance abuse. The typical reasons behind unnecessary time off, why it deserves your attention and what you can do to prevent it. And you’ll find out what disciplinary steps you can take even in the most sensitive situations and strategies for addressing the most common employee absenteeism problems.
•  HR Generalists, Managers, Directors
•  HR Vice Presidents
•  Labor & Employee Relations Managers
•  Employee Benefit Specialists
•  FMLA Coordinators
•  FMLA Leave Managers
•  HR Professionals
•  FMLA and Leave Management Coordinators
Years of Experience: 25+ years
Areas of Expertise: Civil Right Issues, Human Resources, Leadership and Management
U. Harold Levy, President of Levy and Levy Enterprises, is a national and international speaker, trainer, consultant and recognized expert on civil right issues, human resources, leadership and management. Mr. Levy has over 25 years of experience in the profession, most recently as the Eastern Regional Business Enterprise Analyst for the Pennsylvania Department of General Services. Some of his clients include major pharmaceutical corporations, police departments, colleges and universities, manufacturers, high-tech companies, product and service organizations and state and county governmental agencies.
Mr. Levy has published several articles on topics relating to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, equity issues, civil rights and human resource issues. A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, Mr. Levy has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations; a Master’s degree in Public Administration; and is a certified mediation counselor. Mr. Levy is the recipient of many awards including the prestigious Administrative Service Award at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and the Tri State Consortium of Opportunity Programs for New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
He is an adjunct sociology professor at Northampton Community College and serves on several communities and professional organizations.
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