Improving Employee Engagement through Structured Mentoring

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Date Mar 19, 2020
Time 1:00pm EST
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You’ve seen the numbers.  According to Gallup, up to 85% of the global workforce is not engaged, and over 21% of those not engaged are actively disengaged.  In addition, according to Willis Towers Watson, more than 25% of employees expect to leave their current job within the next two years. Lack of engagement is frequently cited as a contributing factor.
Lack of engagement puts a drag on morale, image and reputation, and ultimately, sales and revenue. Employee turnover produces additional cost burdens associated with recruiting, selecting, training, and retaining new employees.  On the other hand, a fully engaged and satisfied workforce translates into loyal clients and sustained sales growth.
While the solution may seem obvious, it has proven difficult to implement in practice. There are several reasons for this, which we will go into during the course of the webinar.  The good news is that some of the most effective approaches for dealing with employee disengagement are based on a simple premise: meeting basic human needs.  And at the top of the list are recognitiongrowth and contribution.  
This webinar will show you how to create a culture in which every employee becomes a mentor to someone else, thereby not only raising the level of engagement, but overall satisfaction as well. It is called structured mentoring programme, which addresses the shortfalls typically associated with traditional mentoring, which tends to be more unstructured and ad hoc.
The cost of employee disengagement is growing, putting a drain on all aspects of your enterprise, whether it be commercial, public, or nonprofit. On the other hand, the benefits of creating and sustaining a culture of growth and contribution through a structured mentoring programme are significant.
These include: increased employee attraction, engagement, satisfaction, and retention; increased innovation through the generation of new ideas at the working level; increased revenues, profits, customer satisfaction, and market share.
This webinar is based on over 13 years of university-based research and direct application in organizations of all sizes, spanning the public, private and non-profit sectors all around the globe. Help your organization become part of the top 15 percent by having a fully engaged workforce.
Learn how to:
  • Prepare an initial strategy and plan for creating and sustaining a structured mentoring programme
  • Optimize your employee mentoring program and help each employee grow by contributing to others as a teacher, mentor, and coach
  • Help your employees develop key skills for becoming better mentors and mentees
  • Gain executive leadership “buy-in” and support by helping them become model mentors and mentees
  • Link mentoring outcomes to improved employee attraction, engagement, satisfaction, and retention
  • Reinforce the mentoring mindset through training, recognition, and reward
You’ll also receive a proven list of do’s and don’ts of mentoring programs in the workplace.
Whatever your starting point is, you’ll leave this webinar equipped to take mentoring and employee engagement in your organization to progressively higher levels.
  • Understand the principles of a structured mentoring programme and how they differ from those of traditional mentoring
  • Formulate an initial strategy to create and sustain a mentoring mindset across your entire enterprise
  • Understand the importance of trust and how best to cultivate it (hint: “less is more”)
  • How to plan and implement a structured mentoring program for your organization
  • How to track employee engagement and make adjustments along the way
  • CXOs, especially CEOs and Chief Learning Officers
  • HR
  • Employee Development Program Directors and Managers
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
For over thirty years, Art Murray and his teams have helped organizations around the worldtransform intoknowledge enterprises.  A knowledge engineer by trade, he has the unique ability to capture and grow deeply embedded personal and institutional knowledge.  His many clients include government agencies, non-profit organizations, and companies of all sizes in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  He has advised government leaders in ministries of defense, law enforcement, higher education, public health, and whole-of-government in making the transition to a knowledge-based economy. 
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