Webinar On Our Love-Hate Relationship With Job Descriptions

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Date Apr 29, 2014
Time 13:00
Cost $249.00
Everyone in Human Resources will tell you that job descriptions are a critical foundation element for effective reward, succession and management development programs. However they will likely not tell you that most everyone outside of HR hates them. Or at least they hate preparing them. And if those responsible for preparing descriptions don't like the process, what does that say about the quality of what results? And what's the likely impact of having poorly prepared (if at all) job descriptions?
This session is all about opening the eyes of attendees as to the value of having accurate and up-to-date job descriptions, as well as why it is the document that managers love to hate.
Companies cannot do without descriptions (really), so attendees will hear practical advice as to how to overcome resistance; how to anticipate and prepare for it, and how to create a win-win scenario with line managers. Job descriptions don't have to hated; they can be appreciated. But you have to be careful about it.
Attendees will come away with a thorough understanding of the problem, as well as practical solutions. They will also come away with a better understanding of what they should and shouldn't be doing.

Areas Covered in the Session :

This session will explore the following topics:
    What exactly is a job description?
    What is the problem with them?
    Why do companies need them, and who is responsible?
    Why managers (most) hate them, and who likes them?
    How the description process gets messed up.
    A beginners guide to job descriptions (how-to)
    How to prepare a job description
    Making it easier for the manager
    How to create a win-win scenario

 Who Will Benefit:

This is a must attend webinar for all:
   Human Resources Department
  Recruiting and Hiring Staff
  Compensation Practitioners
  HR Generalists
 Leaders in Startup companies

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