Explore powerful and dynamic functions of Excel beyond VLOOKUP

Date Mar 25, 2020
Time 1:00pm EST
Cost $159.00
Simple VLOOKUP function in Excel is a powerful tool but if the data is not laid out properly, or if the data is held as the wrong type, everything crumbles in the spreadsheet. Our upcoming webinar discusses how to tweak it to make it more powerful or to bypass it for more flexible, useful functions.
The webinar covers the following key areas:
  • Making Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP work well in every scenario, even when it can’t handle the request
  • Replacing VLOOKUP with more flexible functions
  • Supplementing your lookups with alternative tools
Simple VLOOKUP function in Excel is a powerful tool, but there are a thousand ways to tweak it to be more powerful – or to bypass it for more flexible, useful functions. Supplementing MS Excel VLOOKUP with functions like IFERROR, MATCH, and CONCAT, or using tools like SUMIFS, LARGE, INDEX, MATCH, and SEARCH can build a suite of functionality you can apply to the kind of data you see in the real world. If you can’t guarantee that your data will be properly structured, VLOOKUP will give you errors and incorrect answers, more often than not.
• Business Analysts
• Managers
• Financial Professionals
• Administrative Professionals
• HR Professionals
Speaker Profile:Neil Malek is principal at Knack Training, a software training company specialized in Microsoft products. For more than 20 years, Neil has been working with non-profits, governments, and Fortune 500 companies to identify and address skills gaps.
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