COVID-19: Working Remotely - Crisis Planning for Emergencies

Date Apr 28, 2020
Time 1:00 PM
Cost $159.00
Do you need to work from home due to the COVID-19 virus or other “unexpected” reasons? Working remotely sounds like a dream, but it can be a nightmare for not only you, but everyone on your team. Don’t assume it will be a simple solution for a difficult situation.
This webinar will show you what to do to ensure the transition is smooth. Don’t waste time and money assuming it will be easy. You have too much too lose (including your best employees who many not thrive in this environment).
Working remotely is easy. However there are challenges of managing remote employees and there are dozens of aspects to be considered. Before you tell your team to work remotely, attend this webinar to ensure you don’t waste your time and company resources.
Is COVID-19 causing you to work differently than ever before? Need to make a new crisis management plan? Not sure what will work and won’t work? Check out this webinar.
• What is required with your technical requirements. Not everyone has a home office that will work. What you need to ensure everyone has
• Software recommendations for communications and efficient working life. Helping employees overcome the challenges of working remotely
• Productivity traps – importance of effective communication skills and what you need to keep your eyes open to ensure you are working smart and not hard
• Pitfalls of remote working. This is not an easy adjustment for most people. Learn how to lead your team to ensure engagement and success
• How to set rules and boundaries that ensure the work gets done and life continues as normally as possible. Don’t assume that the rules you think apply are the same for everyone
• Working remotely. What’s possible and what is difficult? What works well and what doesn’t
• Danger Zones to be aware of. Working remotely isn’t all sunshine and roses and there are pros and cons of working from home. Danger zones with simple solutions are provided
• Rules and boundaries. What you need to consider before you tell people to work remotely (have you thought about rules for public places and meetings?)
• Productivity traps. You can lose your time working remotely the same way you can be interrupted working in the office. What productivity traps do you need to watch out for and how to ensure you are getting done what needs to be done
• Technology considerations. Not everything you can do at work can be done at home. Have you considered the security, access, and functionality of what you are asking your team to do?
Anyone who needs to work from home and anyone in a leadership/management position with a remote team.
Rhonda is a Professional Speaker and member of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, Trainer and Author, based in Ottawa. She has spoken to tens of thousands of people in dozens of different countries. 
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