Webinar On Do's and Don'ts of the Sign-On Bonus Award

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Date Apr 11, 2014
Time 13:00
Cost $149.00
This session is all about opening the eyes of the hiring manager and breaking down the why and why-not of this recruiting strategy. It's easy to give away money, but should you when you don't need to?We'll discuss exactly what a sign-on bonus award should be, and what it shouldn't be.  We'll look at how it works, and the thought processes behind-the-scenes that sets the stage for a decision; to offer or not to offer.

Attendees will be challenged by practical scenarios and real life circumstances to reflect on the practices of their own organizations - to consider how best to apply this recruiting tactic, or when to walk away. Because a hiring manager should consider whether the cost of a sign-on is ultimately going to be "worth it," or a waste of money. And they should be armed with the knowledge of how to go about actually offering such an award; when to make the offer, how to, to whom and of course how much?

Attendees will come away with a thorough understanding of the award and how it is used. They will also come away with a better understanding of whether they should or shouldn't.
It's not unusual for an offer of employment, especially for a management job, to include a one-time cash award, called a "sign-on bonus."  While it may be common in certain organizations, is it a good idea?  Is it an effective use of the company's money.  Or is it literally a thank you for a candidate agreeing to join your organization?
Recruiters will tell you that it's a wonderful tactic to use, but then again, their own performance is measured by the number of candidates saying "yes," so is their point of view objective?

Areas Covered in the Session :
This session will explore the following topics:
    What exactly is a sign-on bonus award?
    How it's used as a negotiating tool
    Common scenarios where sign-ons are used
    Why some feel that it's a good recruiting tactic
    Why some feel that it's a bad idea
    Practical advice for the "should I / shouldn't I?" question
    The unintended consequences

Who Will Benefit:
This is a must attend webinar for all:
    Compensation Practitioners
    HR Generalists
    Recruiting and Hiring Staff
    Compensation Department Managers
    Human Resources Department
    Leaders in Startup companies
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