Manage your projects better in 2020: combining the features of MS Outlook and OneNote

Date Jun 9, 2020
Time 1:00 PM EDT
Cost $159.00
Microsoft OneNote integrates beautifully with Outlook, serving to handle its shortcomings and making it best project management software, especially when paired with OneDrive and SharePoint for file sharing and permissions management. Our upcoming webinar discusses ways to make messaging, file sharing, meetings, and tasks – the guts of a project – work much better with these tools working together.
The webinar covers the following key areas:
  • Saving, organizing, archiving, and sharing relevant information to the project
  • Creating perfect meeting minutes and never losing track of assignments after the meeting is over
  • Tracking tasks and contacts specific to the project within OneNote, and visualizing using Excel
Many people must ‘make do’ with Outlook and sheer willpower to manage their projects – proper management software is expensive for many businesses. By using OneNote – a free, flexible, and omnipresent software package that integrates seamlessly – you can turn Outlook into a very passable project management tool. It’s the depth of notes, management, and communication that is aided substantially by this pairing.
Learn to send essential information for long-term storage and organization in OneNote. Learn to link a meeting to robust, online meeting minutes that you can share in a blink with all the attendees. Integrate assigned tasks back to the meetings and files they were created from. Bring in slides, spreadsheets, diagrams, and any other relevant information to show the full picture of the project.
• Business Owners
• Managers
• Project Owners
• Administrative Professionals
• HR Professionals
  .. and anyone trying to get something done ..
Speaker Profile: Neil Malek is principal at Knack Training, a software training company specializing in Microsoft products. For more than 20 years, Neil has been working with non-profits, governments, and Fortune 500 companies to identify and address skills gaps.
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