Psychic Clarity, Protection & Awakening Activation Conference Call with St. Germain& Kimberly Dawn

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Apr 15, 2014
Time 8:00 pm EST or 5:00 pm PST
Cost Free
Join Saint Germain for this fabulous 18 Minute Call – Psychic Clarity, Protection & Awakening Activation.  Saint Germainchanneling Activation by Kimberly Dawn.  As humanity is in a state of returning to “Heaven on Earth”, Saint Germain, the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels stream light into each individual on the call, connecting them to their original divine blueprint, thus speeding up the process of awakening and igniting their gifts they came in with, helping them remember who they really are.

.18 Minute Live Tele-Activation with St. Germain channeled by Kimberly Dawn

-Activations fromSaint Germain that Connect You and Fill You with DIVINE LOVE
-More life force energy
-Violet flame clearing for entire auric field including spiritual, mental, emotional, physical energy bodies
-More clarity
-Violet flame shield of protection activation
-I AM Decrees anchored in
-Psychic Clearing & Protection

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