Webinar On How effective Are Your Pay Programs

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Date Jul 22, 2014
Time 13:00 pm
Cost $149.00
This webinar will address why the premise question is so important, the financial and human factor impact of ignorance and why some organizations don't even know how to address the question. Participants will learn what “effective” really means in the context of evaluating a pay program’s success as well as crucial clues that the organization does indeed have problems. Plus they’ll learn what immediate steps to take when ineffective plans are spotted and how to work around “passive resistors” within the organization.
Companies spent a great deal of money on employee pay, yet often don't have an understanding as to whether those plans are working or not. Spending such large sums while on administrative "automatic pilot" inevitably leads to additional expense and waste. Instead, you should make sure that you're getting the right bang for every buck you spend on employee pay.
Employee pay is likely your organization's single largest expense item, but do you know whether that money is being spent effectively and efficiently, or do you fear that perhaps a portion is simply wasted? Understanding whether your reward plans actually "work" is a key factor to putting you on the right path toward the proper use of your payroll dollars.
Ineffective pay programs waste corporate financial resources (payroll), while at the same time potentially damaging employee engagement, productivity, morale and eventually turnover.
This session will walk the listener through an understanding why having effective pay plans is so important to the organization, how to go about determining your own effectiveness factors, and then will point out the pitfalls to avoid to make sure that the corrections you make are long lasting.

Areas Covered in the Session :
This session will explore the following topics:
How an “effective” pay program should be defined
Why being effective is so important to organizations today
What happens when the organization isn't paying attention
Clues that your organization may have problems with its pay programs
Tips to implement immediately to deal with plans that aren't as effective as they could be
What to do about those "passive resistors" within the organization
How the international landscape differs from the U.S.

Who Will Benefit:
This is a must attend webinar for all:
Compensation Practitioners
HR Generalists
Accounting Personnel
Human Resources
Compensation Managers
Department Managers


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