Webinar On Prevention of Sexual Harassment

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Date Jul 25, 2014
Time 13:00 pm
Cost $149.00
This course is designed to create a positive work environment, free from harassment and retaliation.
If you are a manager or in a position of authority or influence over employee(s), you should attend this training. This course will provide managers with an understanding of the commitment by the organization to prevent sexual harassment and other forms of inappropriate conduct. Further, this course highlights your obligation as a manager to protect not only your organization, but yourself.
Companies are vicariously or strictly liable for an employees harassing conduct, however, as a manager or supervisor, you may also be personally liable. This course will provide you with guidance to handling and reporting improper conduct. Determining and defining what constitutes harassment as it is a broad range of behaviors of an offensive nature. Harassment may occur in various forms, either through physical contact such as physical contact, verbal and/or nonverbal means, such as inappropriate jokes or comments through visual displays in the work area or through electronic means such as email, texting, posts to websites or blogs.
This course provides you with a clear understanding of appropriate steps to enforce the policy and reporting harassment which is not limited to sexual misconduct or behavior. It is also important to understand your responsibility to continuously monitor the workplace to ensure no retaliation occurs as a result of the reporting. Overall, understanding the law, a company’s commitment to preventing discrimination, harassment and retaliation and ultimately being able to help your employees to benefit through the effective and appropriate manager training so that harassment is mitigated or responded to, quickly and effectively, and to ensure that all employees are working in a positive work environment.

Areas Covered in the Session :
Key aspects of the law
Commitment of your company to prevent discrimination, harassment and retaliation
Recognizing inappropriate conduct
Obligation as a supervisor or manager
How to protect yourself and your organization
Creating a positive work environment for all employees
Interactive Q&A Session

Who Will Benefit:
This is a must attend webinar for all:
Human Resource Professionals
Team Leaders
Management Team
Human Resources Professionals
Business Leaders
Entire organization or anyone looking to understand the Laws and improve prevention of harassment in your company.


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