Free Online Seminar (October 28th): Introverts@Work: How To Thrive In An Extroverted Work Habitat

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Date Oct 28, 2014
Time 8:00 pm ET
Cost Free
No matter where they are in their career, a lot of people feel like they need to put on the extrovert mask before they go to the office.  Studies have shown that up to one third (or more) of the world's population identifies with this personality type.

Many introverts will receive a lot of advice from friends and family on how to deal with stress, and while some of it may be helpful, it is difficult for professional introverts to obtain constructive advice on how to deal with the daily stresses of work in a way that complements their personality type.

This is exactly where I was just a few years ago.  It felt like nobody I reached out to could give me any practical advice on how to be an introvert in a highly extroverted habitat.  I felt like I was the only person in the office who didn't know how to "fit in", and there was nobody I could turn to for help.

I did not want other introverts to struggle just like I did to find the help they needed, so I launched the blog and the Introverts@Work seminar to provide introverts with the missing lessons that will help they achieve their career goals by respecting and taking advantage of their unique personality type.

Introverts@Work is a free online seminar, hosted by the blog, a resource for introverts who are looking for practical tools and advice to accelerate their careers.

Key benefits of this free seminar include:

How to turn your introvert insecurities into your greatest superpowers - get the respect you deserve at work!

Learn how to manage your time like a pro - the introverted way!

Let go of the burden of acting like somebody else in your job - learn the office rules that work for introverts!

Learn the secret lesson they didn't teach you in school: How to thrive as an introvert in a work habitat designed for extroverts!

More details about this seminar (and online registration) are available at the following link:
When: Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
Time: 8:00pm EST (5:00pm PST)


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