Customer Oriented Resort Webinar

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Mar 25, 2015
Time 5:00 PM CET
Cost Free
Resort development is a high risk business and the industry is increasingly competitive. To have excellent facilities is not enough because people look for happiness. People travel to have and to experience emotional states. The resort must be customer oriented, it should be highly competitive and this will rely on its business model. A business model determines the way the resort creates value for its customers, and therefore who are the buyers and investors.
In this session, Mr.Mariano Hervás will illustrate best practices to guide you on customer oriented resort design and development, answering the following 3 questions:
·         How to identify the customer segment that you should focus on?
·         How can you develop products that stand out from our competitors?
·         How can you sell better those products?

Our speaker
Mariano Hervás is Manager at THR International Tourism Consultants, one of the most prestigious and renowned tourism consultancy firms in the international arena and Resort Design Manager at Dream Resorts & Hotels (THR’s division).
Mr. Hervás is specialized in leading projects focused on resort design. He has been enrolled in the design of several resorts and destinations in countries such as Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mexico, Oman, etc.
Mr. Hervás assumes a leader role in the conception, design, planning, business modeling, master planning, marketing plans, feasibility analysis and implementation of big tourist resorts; all under THR’s resort design philosophy.


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